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Welcome! Iryna Cornez Art & Illustration creates uniquely styled hand-drawn illustrations for your projects in business, advertising, fashion design, publishing, and event organization, as well as elegant and feminine paintings on demand

What could I do for you?

Discover how the fascinating power of art can help your company express its ideas and values and stand out from competitors. You will be surprised by the effect of creativity, which makes it easy to attract the attention and loyalty of the audience by influencing people's emotions, personal associations, and the subconscious. It's all possible with the help of unique and memorable drawings that could effortlessly replace hundreds of words.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services and products I currently offer:
Creative Branding and Advertising
Differentiate your brand, show your core values or make an advertising campaign
Live Event Illustration
A new exciting way to provide artistic entertainment for your guests
Attractive Packaging and Patterns
Illustrate your ideas and products in an original and memorable way
Elegant Interior Art
Decorate your home and office with stylish paintings to make a good impression
Editorial and Book Illustration
Your readers will love these authentic, hand-drawn and bright visuals
Fashion Drawings for Designers
I would be happy to illustrate your creative vision of clothing and accessories
Hand-drawn Event Art and Wedding Printing
An imaginative and precious souvenir of the happiest day of your life
Custom Holiday Cards
Your clients will appreciate your care with a touch of creativity
Have an idea? Get in touch with me!
Styles I embrace
6 Good Reasons To Work With Me
Unique style
My creative world is largely inspired by Retro and Woman. My style is colorful, bright, glamorous, poetic, feminine, with attention to detail. I'm impressed by American illustrators of the 1950s, Hollywood actresses from the Golden Age of Cinema, classic pin-up art, flamboyant figures of Parisian Haute Couture, burlesque style, Pulp culture. I also find inspiration in the history, art and folklore of various countries and lands I visit during my travels (often far off the beaten track)!
Quality performance
Being a bit of a perfectionist, I pay attention to all aspects of my work, from initial sketches to final edits. This creative "meticulousness" helps me to provide my clients with the first-class result, tailored to their needs. I also guarantee you clear and complete working files, accompanied by comprehensive explanations.
Artistic versatility
I use different art techniques and materials, and I love to combine them as well. Mixed media give me a lot of freedom. This also means that I can help my clients with a wide variety of projects and choose the technique that is best-suited for their particular case. Colored pencil and watercolor plus acrylic, ink and watercolor, markers and pencil, Adobe Photoshop or maybe a vector drawing? The material is not that important, what really counts is the final effect and top-quality result!
Experience and expertise
In addition to my drawing background and "serious" art education, I have experience in sales, customer service, luxury and beauty industries. That is why I am well versed in the topics I work on and understand the clients I cooperate with. A bachelor's degree in history helps me feel confident when working on themes from the past. I never stop learning new things, improving myself and discovering the world around me.
Languages and multiculturalism
I fluently speak 4 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, French and English), have basic skills in Dutch, and started to learn Italian. I also understand quite well many Slavic languages such as Polish and Serbian. Thanks to my past experience of working at the airport and my natural curiosity, I am well-acquainted with the cultural differences of many countries - from America to Japan. So, there is a good chance that I speak or, at least, can understand Your language and I am familiar with Your culture!
Meeting deadlines
Having a great sense of responsibility, I assure the respect of the imposed deadlines and the budget. You always can contact me if you have any questions, even after our collaboration has "officially" ended.
Using my imagination and magical tools, I portray the world of charm with vibrant colors and dreamy styles
Dare to be Bright!
My artistic universe is created for people who are brave enough to capture attention, bring color to their lives and stay unforgettable. My clients are hardworking, inspired and imaginative people who, regardless of their professions, dare to go beyond the ordinary, show individuality and originality even in the smallest detail.

Is it about you and your company? You can leave me a message! I will be happy to help you bring your new project to life.

Need more inspiration? Check out my Instagram account @iryna.cornez_illustration where I share my latest works!
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