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Iryna Cornez
Artist and Illustrator
Hello! I am Iryna, an artist, illustrator, historian and multipotential person passionate about 1000 things in this beautiful world. I love arts, history, languages, travelling, mountain trekking, gardening and cooking.

My art is inspired by retro aesthetics: old movies, vintage fashion, history of the 20th century. I also can say that Woman and Beauty are the cornerstones of my creative exploration and, at the same time, the biggest inspirations for me. My favorite Magic Tools are my pencils, markers, ink, watercolor and Adobe Photoshop.

I position myself somewhere halfway between a classically trained artist and a self-taught professional. On the one hand, I respect the strict and inexorable standards of technical processing of drawing and painting that characterize academic art. On the other hand, I try to maintain the naivety and freshness of the eye, as well as the practical approach that is typical of self-taught artists.

I want to believe that I can mix the best features of many worlds in order to create my own colorful universe. Like my life, my palette consists of a wide variety of nuances and colors. I hope you find the one that You will love!
My development as an artist
I have been drawing ever since I could remember myself. I attended the Art School for children in Ukraine where I received a classical art education. Since 2016, I've continued my artistic education by attending numerous offline and online courses in all kinds of artistic disciplines and different styles of illustration. I studied at the Académie des Beaux-arts (Binche, Belgium). I am also certified in Graphic Design.

When I was a child, I had a dream to learn how to draw a human body by following the art rules. Well, at that time, I didn't even imagine the full scope of the task! It took me many years, thousand hours of intensive learning of anatomy, geometry, perspective, endless practice in figure live drawing before I started approaching this goal.

Curious and open-minded, I am still constantly studying new things, challenging and questioning myself.

Where I find my inspiration

A historian by my first education, I specialized in Modern and Contemporary History during my studies. I am in love with the incredible cultural movements of the 20th century such as Vintage fashion, the Golden Age of Hollywood, Pulp culture, illustrations by René Gruau, Pin-Up art etc.

Traveling is one of my most powerful sources of inspiration too. It's food for my curious mind. I am always interested in local history, architecture, culture, street art, folklore and, of course, authentic cuisine!

I also follow other artists in different fields who motivate me. But being honest, I find my inspiration everywhere I look, in everything I could smell, touch or hear. When I listen to beautiful music or see people dancing gracefully, charming images instantly start to appear in my mind.
More inspiration? Discover my Instagram account @iryna.cornez_illustration where I share my newest works!
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