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Event Illustration for Business and Marketing
Are you planning a business event or corporate party? Presentation, charity gala, opening, PR launch, special client's day, beauty demo, Pop-Up store, team building, VIP party... I can help you bring a touch of originality by offering your guests an original experience and a memorable gift, combined with a smart and creative marketing action.

Live Event sketching is an amazing combination of fun experience, incommon animation and a nice gift that everyone will appreciate. The "wow" effect is guaranteed! It takes me only 5-10 minutes to create a sketch. Guests can enjoy and share their drawings immediately. It creates a magic ambiance and makes your event truly stand out and unique. Moreover, your instant sketch takes advantage of the power of social media networks!

I also offer more "traditional" services such as hand-drawn design of invitations, announcements, thank you cards, seating plans, menus, etc....

How it's happening?
Use the power of art to surprise your guests and create a buzz on social networks
I live in Belgium, but work worldwide. I speak French, English, Russian, Ukrainian, some Dutch and Italian. Sure, I've been vaccinated against Covid-19.

So do not hesitate to get in touch if you are based in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany or elsewhere. I would love to come to your event.

What your guests will get?

Unique individual fashion sketch
Great reason to post on social networks mentioning your event
Good impression of the event
Memorable experience and lovely souvenir

What you will get?

Original and uncommon animation at the event
Increasing of your guests loyalty

Advertising on social networks
Advertising offline
How it works?
Only 3 steps
You fill in the form below
I get back to you by phone or email and we discuss all the details: the number of working hours and the approximate number of portraits, place of the event
Template and design
Based on your wishes, I prepare a template for your event: a custom-designed background, including, for example, the company logo, the name of the event, the date and place of the evening, a new product or even a unique commercial offer for the client
Drawing at your event
The day of the event, I make sketches of the guests on this same background. Each person who poses receives, the same evening, her/his own portrait in the outfit she/he has expressly chosen for the occasion. Your guests will then have the opportunity to share the result on social networks and show it to their friends. Therefore, the sketch as well as the elements you have chosen will be published on social media.

Optionally, company can create a poster so that guests can come up and participate in the animation without hesitation.
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Treat your guests with elegance! A unique and memorable gift for all occasions
Iryna Cornez
Artist and Illustrator
I am Iryna, visual artist and illustrator. I was born in Ukraine and now live in Belgium. What makes me unique? The combination of my professional skills, personality and my experience. My art is highly inspired by the old movies, vintage fashion and history of XX century. I can totally say that the Woman and the Beauty are the cornerstone of my creative exploring and, at the same time, the biggest inspiration for me. My favorite Magic Tools are my pencils, markers, ink, watercolor and Adobe Photoshop.
More inspiration? Discover my Instagram account @iryna.cornez_illustration where I share my newest works!
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